Who We Are


In France for You

Welcome to Beer Bière

Specialist importer of British ales for you to enjoy in France.

Selected from some of the UK’s best traditional and innovative breweries, Beer Bière aims to provide all that is great about British beer - not only for the expat community, but also for the discerning French beer drinker.

Ranging from best bitter and good-old-fashioned stouts or brown ales, to the more golden and aromatic beers which have seen a surge in popularity and a widening market, there will be a beer to suit the majority of tastes and occasions.

Beer is fast becoming recognised as an acceptable accompaniment to food - not only at a barbecue, but also at the dinner table.

So how do you get your hands on these tasty beers?

Beer Bière operates as both wholesaler and retailer from its base in South-West France, by supplying bars, restaurants and stores, but also by offering tasting sessions and having a presence at night markets and other public events.

Online shopping is not currently available, due to the high costs of protective packaging and transport, but if you wish to obtain a supply by carrier, please request a quotation via the “Contact” page.

Here’s hoping you will find these pages informative and will enjoy the beers responsibly.